Thursday, June 22, 2017

Savages by Shirley Conran

Savages by Shirley Conran. 1987
It was a good day at the thrift store up north. My husband and I went on a mini vacation and while on our way home went to a Goodwill. I had walked in and commented that I hope I find a tiki mug. In the next 30 seconds my husband plucks a vintage pineapple mug that still had the top attached off the shelf. Well that was easy. I look around and see some book called Savages. I always look at books that sounds jungle-like just in case the South Pacific is hiding inside. I open it up to a map of Papua New Guinea and think that I am on the right track.

I see on the cover it says it is by the author of Lace. I recall nothing about it except it is was a mini series with Phoebe Cates and was suppose to be a bit salacious. For $2.49 I figure I can gamble on it.

This book is about a group of women who have to go on a business trip with their husbands to Australia, PNG and the fictional island off of PNG called Paui. There is a lot of backstory on these women and their family life. I kept getting them confused and no one has much of a personality.

Eventually they make it to Paui and do to some shady business dealings most of the men are killed when the women are off on a 3 hour tour. The women return in time to see their husbands killed and a military coup in action. They leave with the captain of their ship and try to survive in Paui until they can figure out how to get back to civilation.

Lucky for them their captain is a great survivalist and teaches them many lessons before of course he dies.

As one would suspect, there is some light sexual action since this is the author of Lace. The ending is a bit grim and not really the direction I thought the book was going.

Overall it wasn't a bad read and you could tell it was well researched. I might of learned a survival skill or two. I think it was suppose to be a mini series as well but I can't find any evidence that they filmed it.

In case you were wondering where Paui is.

I liked the illustrations for each part of the book.

Lastly, here is a nice article about the author who they call Queen of the Bonkbuster.